FiveM Leaking Protection question

Jo! I’m not sure how this new system Is working so I’m having some questions about it. Im hoping for an answer of a staff. Thanks!

I’m basing my Server on a Server Backup of a old friend of mine. He quitted gaming, since then I’m reworking everything. But I’m not sure which of the scripts he used laeked versions. Is there a way to find it out? Because I don’t want to have any risks on the server.
Thank you :pray:

If your worried about it search the scripts names up to see if they are paid or not

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I know that there a many paid ones. But I’m not sure if he bought them, and if he bought them, am I allowed to use them?

In general I would recommend against using paid resources that were given to you that you have no idea the status of.

Buy them for yourself, be worry free, and support the developers.