Fivem is the best :))

hello guysss, i am pretty new but i have made some nice scripts to post here!! the problem is i need a like because i dont have member :))

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You don’t need likes or members? Only because no one knows you yet, this does not mean, that they will not like your postings. And begging for it is probably the badest idea.

I would love to see something from you in the releases category, and I wish you luck on your way to development.

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Few misconceptions here. They are talking about not being able to post in #development:releases because they don’t have trust level of member and the requirements can be found here When they are talking about needing a like is correct because of what is needed for member. They are not begging for popularity or members.

@XTERMINATOR10XF You are free to post a release #development:scripts and a user that has the power to move your post to releases can do so and you don’t have to wait to get the member trust level.

Hope that clears everything up.

Ouh, well I really have misunderstood it xD
Well, as termanator said, you can post in the script section, and it will be moved to releases.

Sorry for my Missunderstanding. :mascot: :hamburger:

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