FiveM has encountered an error (2017)

I have been trying to play on FiveM servers for the past week; I have sat in 100 man queues for servers just to encounter the same issue that is prevalent on every server I join. The issue comes up at various times and the program/game completely freezes then continues to crash with the same issue each time. Sometimes it crashes in the server selection, sometimes it crashes during when I have been on a server for about ten minutes. Any help is appreciated and if I need to provide any further information I would be glad to do so. Thank you.

Remove any local handling files you might’ve installed for a server.

could you direct me to where I should go to remove these local handling files? Not too sure where they would be located.

You probably put them in yourself when downloading a pack for a server - did you?

No, I have not added any particular file or folder into the fiveM directory. But, whenever I join certain servers it states that I am downloading files from their website; could that possibly be the issue for why I am crashing so frequently on every server I join basically? If so, is there a way that I could essentially “factory reset” my fiveM so that I could possibly rid the corrupted files causing me so much mishap?