Fivem Full stack Developer Available for hire [FIVEM] [ESX] [QB] [STADALONE]

I love the boosting system script you made for us in fact it was exactly how we want it however improve more on your communication skill with clients in the future. :v:

Thanks for your honest review bro

Are you available for work?

yes i am

discord ??

easylife5665 on discord

Bump! I need new clients


Bump !

i’m now available for contact

Looking for a developer for FiveM and RedM. If you’re interested, please contact me via discord at 309Buckshot.

I have prior experience in running large communities and have a specific idea i’m going for. Your Discord link was invalid upon my attempt to join it. You would potentially be working with a second or third developer as well.

I’m open to collaborating with you and working as part of your team to achieve our shared goals. Together, we can leverage your ideas and my expertise to create immersive and unforgettable experiences for players in your community. I’ll hit you up on discord right away

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Bump! easylife5665 on dc

Bump, Still accepting jobs



Bumps! easylife5665 on dc