FiveM Element Club

I have payed 15$ for FiveM Element Club, i have no idea how to set it up, if anyone could help me with it, i hope that iā€™m asking in a right place :slight_smile:

It seems you already are in the Patreon group so that is good - it has already synced. From there, there is a ton of possibilities of what you can do. You can make a key for you server, just make sure you use the same email as your forum account, you can make an infinite amount of keys @ where you can get up to 64 slots thanks to your patreon subscription. You also get some beta features such as MP Clothes Streaming. You can also join the discord @ for a few roles that give you access to specific channels.

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How does i get the 64 slots on my server then?
And thank you for your replay, it works now