FiveM doesn’t work properly

My FiveM is not working properly. In all servers I’ve tried I’ve been able to chat to other people, drive cars and walk around. Nothing more. I haven’t been able to do any of the stuff the servers offer, for example jobs, buying cars and using the phone etc etc. I haven’t even been able to see my money in the top right.

I even bought a new copy of GTA today if that would make things better but it did not…

Help would be much appreciated.

I have really bad news for you friend…

You’ve wasted your money purchasing a new copy of Grand Theft Auto. For this is not a game or FiveM issue in my opinion, but the particular servers you’re selecting… Not all servers will have jobs, money, cars, a phone… each server is unique.


No it’s not. Everything works properly for the other people on the server. My friend plays on a server that works for him but not for me. I even tried to play on my second PC. But that didn’t work neighter.

Okay, then keep purchasing copies of Grand Theft Auto. I could careless, it ain’t my money. I’m telling you because I know that not all servers have jobs, money, cars, a phone - I know these things because FiveM wasn’t created for roleplay crap…

Try one of the pinned servers, see if you can make it happen there. If not, fuck w/ your graphical resolution settings. Make sure your HUD is turned on in the settings… Common sense things like that.

I’ll see what I can do. Thanks.

Its not the games or FiveM’s fault that this is happening… everything you mentioned is server sided… FiveM is a vanilla server and none of those things come by default they are scripted and added by the server owners.

Did you actually try other servers that are pinned?

Nah, instead he just created a new thread with the exact same narrative…

Ya i noticed lol not sure why people do that to be honest…

Didn’t like the answers he got here, thought magic would happen and get some spontaneously different answer? Oh well, flagged for a Mod to handle.

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You guys need to stop (pause) … helping people who don’t fill out the support template!



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