Fivem does not open!

Hello, I have a problem after opening the fivem it stays on the screen after the social club loading and does not leave it, I have reinstalled several times and nothing solved. Does anyone know what procedure I can perform? Thank you very much in advance!


Unfortunately you haven’t given us enough information about the problem you’re experiencing, Please fully fill out this template and respond back (or edit your original post).

Thanks, Zozo1237


I did the installation correctly but after opening the fivem the screen after the social club that is loading before opening the game she keeps loading and does not open, gave to understand. I’m sorry for my English, I’m Brazilian.

Please fill out this template:

It simply pops up on the screen where the following message pops up: ‘’ where is there and will it be worth the wait ‘’ is showing up that it is loading and never goes away!

GTA V version? Steam/ up to date
Up to date? Yes
0Legit or Pirate copy? Legal
Steam/CD/Social Club? STEAM
Windows version? 10
Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again? Yes, over and over
Error screenshot (if any)OadX1An


It appears you decided to half ass the information we can only provide you half ass support… please take the time to fill out the form properly.


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