FiveM Developer looking for something to do

Hello there o/

im Kypo and im currently looking for something todo i have been apart of this community for a long time coming up on 4 years i have gathered 3220 hours on FiveM and around about the 500hr mark i started to get into developing on the FiveM platform. I would say i have racked up some experience i have worked on many servers some big some small and some i gave up on. I have worked with some frameworks like ESX and very little VRP and a few vMenu based servers but im always up for something new. So yeah if your wanting to contact me please either reply to this or send me a dm :slight_smile::+1:

also provide some info about your server


Hey! please add me Terfs#4942

Hello @Kypo, I am developer as well and currently looking for people who want to work together on some scripts. If you are interested and have some idea on which you would like to work on, we can establish discord call, streaming displays and working via live share in VS. Let me know what you think.

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Hey man, DM me on discord @Soap#0006.

I have a really interesting project going and I think it would really peak your interest!

hey dm me Texasoilfield#0875 looking for a dev to join are team

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explain more about your server as well please

Im looking for a developer

Great! Will be glad to work together on script with you. Just one question, are you developer too?

I dont know how to do as much kinda new to this whole kind of thing @draobrehtom

im looking for a developer to help get a server up and going let me know if anyone is able to help

Hey , I would like to talk more private in possible ā€¦ email ? or a better way to contact you please !

Hello Kypo.

Would love to chat with you about dev work.
What would be best as far as communication? Discord? DMs?
Let me know whatever is best and we can talk details.

Thank you!

you can message me on here :slight_smile:

still looking!

Iā€™m intrested

Hello Iā€™m also looking for a few developers [will be paid] discord is IAmNotAMemberOfGhettoBoyz#4774


I am currently building a server and looking for developers who could support me in the work.
We are building a Zombie server with gangs,and lost more The server will give different possibilities.

It you are interested drop me a message
Just to help us to potting it all together wold be a big help

Discord: oMrRhino#4975

All the best

Hi , I am blit , and i am developing fivem servers for 6 months , if you are a person searching for developer , from base , you can contact me , or if you have a server and want to fix bugs and bring updates ,you can contact me . My intention is to help people . I am developing for free

I am esx and nopixel developer.

FOR MORE INFO . CONTACT ME : Developer blit#1234
Email : [email protected]
:innocent: HAVE A GREAT DAY

im looking for a developer as well My discord 3sixoh#2025

whats the possibility for me to get you to come do some dev work for me