FiveM crashing when created ped enters vehicle

I’m not really sure which forum category this issue should reside in.
I’ve come as far in my own fault tracing to conclude that this is a one-sync error.
The crash is verified to occur for other users as well as well as on another server(both windows and linux)

When I create a ped in my script(on my own server) and sets it to enter a car, the game will crash at the very moment the ped enters the drivers seat.
The game does not crash when the ped enters any other seat.
The game does not crash when one-sync is turned off

The code snippet used to produce the error:

    local model = "a_m_m_acult_01"
	local pPos = GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId())
	local hash = GetHashKey(model)

    -- Loads model
    while not HasModelLoaded(hash) do
	local ped = CreatePed(4, hash, pPos.x, pPos.y+1, pPos.z, 0, false, false)

	local vehicleName = 'blista'
	while not HasModelLoaded(vehicleName) do
	local vehicle = CreateVehicle(vehicleName, pPos.x, pPos.y+5, pPos.z, GetEntityHeading(PlayerPedId()), true, false)
	TaskWarpPedIntoVehicle(ped, vehicle, 0) (1.2 MB)

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