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[Window Title]
FiveM Error

[Main Instruction]
nui-core.dll!::As (0x0)

Có lỗi tại nui-core.dll!::As (0x0) gây ra bởi FiveM đã ngừng hoàn toàn game. Crash đang được upload lên FiveM developers.
Stack trace:
nui-core.dll!::As (0x0) (client.h:406)
nui-core.dll!Texture2DWrap::Texture2DWrap (0xbf) (NUIInitialize.cpp:405)
nui-core.dll!Microsoft::WRL::Details::Make (0x3c) (implements.h:2455)
nui-core.dll!CreateTexture2DHook (0x7a) (NUIInitialize.cpp:654)
libcef.dll!gpu::GpuMemoryBufferFactoryDXGI::CreateGpuMemoryBuffer (0xe9) (
libcef.dll!viz::InProcessGpuMemoryBufferManager::CreateGpuMemoryBuffer (0xac) (
libcef.dll!viz::ExternalImageData::Create (0x87) (

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: nui-core.dll+6871F
Report ID: si-d8f95ea7ea424715b207f42bcb21bfbd
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