Five Reborn Mass Installment, Share Files

Hi, I have a question about sharing my files with other users. I am part of a Role play community and with new comers, it gets really difficult when install new sirens or etc packs. I was wondering if there is a way to copy my game folder and send it to others so they can download it and start playing right away. I would like to either compact it so it is easier to install items or be able to share folders. Would there be a way I could possibly be able to do that? We need a way to make it easier for our new comers to install five reborn it self. Our members get a lot of errors or there game crashes but, mine doesn’t. I would like to know If theirs a way for me to give them my folders. Or if we can compact it so it’s easier to use and install packs.

easiest way is to upload it to a google drive/onedrive and make a readme where the files go, or if your experienced in coding you can make a .exe which downloads the files from a server for you.