Five Reborn Game Cache

Guys Iam New To GTAV i got it cracked ( without online ) and i heard about fivereborn when I Tried To Open. That Error Came . Please Help :C

Os : WIN8.1 pro

I don’t think Fivereborn supports cracked version, buy the game legit and then come back.

lol so Why they made it -.- Cracked version cant play GTA Online . so they just search for another online servers loll

Well fivereborn is for those who wanna play online with mods, just so they dont get banned by Rockstar.

fivereborn is here to give a user freedom to do whatever they want, due to rockstar limiting it, not to be a ‘cracked multiplayer’. Pirated / cracked /Steam Versions :slight_smile:

that was before checks were implemented. now that they are in, though, you can not play with a non-legit game copy.

WTF ? btw thanks … i will quit

thanks for quitting, we don’t need people like yourself here.

go fck urself KID…

Well that was kinda mature?

Yet aren’t you the one who can’t buy the game?