Five Reborn CitizenFX Fatal Error

Hello everyone. So I just installed FiveReborn and downloaded the needed Microsft Visual Studio C++ 2015 both x64 and x86. Now for some reason I just get this CitizenFX error now and I have no idea how to fix it and there doesn’t seem to be a fix anywhere online.

Im current;y on the Steam version of GTA V, singleplayer version 1.350 and online version 1.26. My game should be up to date and my copy of the game is a legally bought copy of the game and am also on Windows 10 (if that helps any).

Here’s a photo of my GTA V directory:

Honestly I really don’t want to have to reinstall the game as that will take me 7 hours but if I will I’'ll do it. Hopefully someone in this community can help. I can’t wait to tandem with some people but this is literally a giant brick wall in my face blocking me from having fun. Anyway… help me please!

Please show us your FiveReborn directory, you seem to be missing a dll file.

Alright then.

I thought I was missing a file but that file is there in the folder. That’s what I’m confused about.

Odd, error 126 is thrown when a dependency (in this case net-tcp-server) cannot be loaded, I’m not sure whats causing it but have you tried reinstalling FiveReborn?
Also, I know you don’t want to have to reinstall GTA V - I can relate which is why I always keep a clean version - but was your install clean when you first tried to add FiveReborn?

No I have not tried to reinstall FiveReborn and I’ll try that now. I have to GTA V folders, one is the base game and the other is a modded game but when I updated the game to version 1.350, I only updated my modded folder and copied all of the non-modded files to my base game folder. Not too sure if that could be whats causing it but if reinstalling FiveReborn doesn’t fix the issue then I might have to reinstall the game.

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OMG reinstalling it worked!!! Thanks so much man I really appreciate it man! Who knows if it’ll crash but i hope it doesn’t. Thank you so much man! |ⴲᗜⴲ|

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@SLiD3 Haha glad I could help, have fun!
And if you experience any sort of crashes don’t hesitate to post a thread if there isn’t one about it already. :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks man.

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Got another problem unfortunately. Was getting FiveReborn to load and run for a little bit then it just randomly crashed I assume because it literally just stopped running without any notification. So I try to load FiveReborn again and have to wait another 15 mins for it to update again (which I find odd) just to have the same error happen to me again that happened earlier. At this point I feel like I’d just be wasting my time uninstalling the game and reinstalling it just because the same error would most likely pop up again once I try to load FiveReborn once more. Not too sure about a simple fix for this one.

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@SLiD3 Also the game cache is constantly outdated and constantly needs to be updated with takes like 15 minutes (not sure if that’s supposed to happen or if I’m just being super impatient).

@SLiD3 I agree, reinstalling probably won’t resolve the issue you’re having or it would’ve been resolved by now.
But what you’ve described is not alot for me to go by… Did it literally say nothing when it just randomly decided to crash? Was your issue the same as described in this thread perhaps?

@SLiD3 Also the game cache is constantly outdated and constantly needs to be updated with takes like 15 minutes (not sure if that’s supposed to happen or if I’m just being super impatient).

No that’s not supposed to happen. After you’ve installed FiveReborn.exe you should just be able to start it without having it do it’s updating cycle again. Maybe check if you have some kind of anti virus program thats wrongfully detecting FiveReborn files as viruses and thus deleting or quarantining them. Your cache shouldn’t be emptied.

@afterburn I didn’t happen this time so that’s nice but it just keeps randomly crashing without any sort of error message. Weird…

And by it i mean the whole Windows Error 126 thing. That seems to be resolved but that random crashing does happen. I’ll check that thread you linked me.

@SLiD3 I’m thinking that maybe you’re experiencing the same issue as this guy (or girl, I shouldn’t assume gender huehue). Note that a moderator says it’s going to be fixed in a next update, but maybe you could check if your symptoms match his/hers so we atleast know what kind of issue we are dealing with here?

And no my crashing isn’t quite like the threads since when mine crashing literally nothing pops up afterwards.

And the crashing seems to happen whenever I try to join a second server after leaving one.

@SLiD3 I’m sorry mate I don’t know, I haven’t experienced this before. Could be a number of reasons. Isn’t it telling you anything at all?

@SLiD3 try running fivereborn in compatability mode with windows 8

I have a close problem too. sometimes when I try to load the server or randomly when I play it closes the game and shows this, sometimes numbers in () chang