Five m not working

When ever I try to play five m the game launches and then it goes to the main screen which is all normal then when I try to move my mouse its like my mouse doesn’t work. Please help…Thx

If it crashes during this time, make sure you have no framerate counter/monitor running as this interferes with FiveM and causes instabilities. Also make sure you have run GTA at least once before, and installed all updates for both FiveM and GTA V.

ok have already uninstalled fivem and then I went to install it again and it tells me to run it in conduct mode or contact support. do you know what to do with that

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Hello, @Szabo242! What version of Windows are you currently running?

On a side note: Please make sure to fill out the Template before posting a thread! My question would have already been answered had you done this!

Im running windows 10 @Tyler_Sadler

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