Five M dont work - Help plz

Hello, i’m new on FiveM and i need some help because when i lauch it, first he said that i dont get windows 10 version, but it doesn’t matter, i press “OK”. then “Rockstar Social club” appear with a message : “FiveM a cessé de fonctionner” (fiveM has stop working) Windows is looking for a solution to the problem … nothing happen
I reinstalled FiveM six times and each time the same problem. I’m not on Steam but on Rockstar Social Club launcher. Of course it is an unpirated version !

*GTA V version – The latest, today i play on GTA today, yesterday and tomorrow x)

Up to date – 10 april

Legit or Pirate copy – LEGIT ( 2 version, official xbox and PC )

Steam/CD/Social Club – Social club

Windows version – windows 8*64

Error screenshot

GTA V folder screenshot

GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot

FiveReborn client folder screenshot – Install each time in gtaV folder**–

I hope you can help me, i look on your forum before but i did not see anything, just that you have discord, that I also have.

Check if there are any Windows updates available, if so do them or else - update your windows to windows 10.

Hi brsrk,
HAve you tried reinstalling normal GTA or checking the files of it as that maybe the problem, however the problem maybe that you are on windows 8 and that you might need to upgrade to windows 10

Hi , i found a soluce, start GTA 5 in history mode and complete tutorial, it fix my problem