First Time RP'er Review | 16 Hours

I don’t have a lot to go off of, but in the 16 hours that I have played Amethyst RP, I have generally had a great experience. Definitely worth rating it a 5/5 Stars. I’ve met some great people. I’ve commited minor crimes, been busted once (to see what it was like); and just yestday, I was gunned down by a random criminal shortly after arriving in the city. Since my crimes, I have been able to make a legit life for myself in the city and turn over a new leaf. I’m trying my best to make an honest living and my goal is to get my own car so I can stop having to rent one.

The police here are just doing their jobs, and my experience with them has been really great. I even took an offiicer to the hospital after a criminal knocked him out. Big thanks to the lovely EMTs for saving my life after I was wasted in the street.

PS: Shoutout to the UWU Cafe and their extremly comfy seats!


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