[First Script] Police On-Duty / EMS OnDuty / Fire On Duty

Hello everyone ,

This is my first script/s so please make sure to help me out if anything is wrong
Do Not take this as your own script please

Make sure to use correctly

None , just fivem server

Issues ??
Report them down below
Commands :slight_smile:
/police to go onduty as a police officer
/offduty to go off
/ems to go onduty as a EMS paramedic
/offduty to go off

Download - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-MK6G-t0xV5vMm33X-xxdL6a_5hnYJL-?usp=sharing

Discord - https://discord.gg/C3ypx9Y


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Moved to the correct forum, #development:releases

Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t you not allowed to have discord links in your post??

Oops , didnt notice that i thought you could , anyway removed it now

please take it down, i know you taken it and the prosess will be easyer.

Thanks for bumping my script, please dont upload my script without asking.

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i have contacted staff for us

  1. no you still have the discord link there
  2. you steal scripts and call them custom?

image00 image0

Yeah Doesnt work Can a Mod just delete it or unlist it as a non working script

It probably doesn’t work because the code was ripped, copied and pasted and released for attention. The moderators I am sure will get to it as soon as they are available and decide what they see fit needs to happen.

Who made the original one as i am looking for a loadout script

Looks like this one.

He just basically added on 2 different onduty jobs and instead of just asking them to update the code he doesn’t get along with them so he just released his version of their original code.

Just look at
/onduty = Police Officer
/offduty = Firefighter

It’s the one @xander1998 posted.