Finger Print Hacking Mini Game [STANDALONE]

Dope realise, put this on my atm robbery script. Love it! @utkuali :ok_hand:t4:

Hey extremely good script but how can i make it so that somebody has to go somewhere to start it and not through a command

you can read the usage

The ? I dont see it written in there how to do it …
I want the player to go to specified x, y, z coordinates and have a text there saying him to press e or something and then start it

sorry but anyone make this to work with the atm robbery ? im a little noob in this if any one can help me i really appreciate please and thanks

me too

I have a problem with the minigame can you help me out @utkuali

RegisterNUICallback("sucess", function(data)
    chat("You entered the system", {0,255,0})
	TriggerEvent("utk_fingerprint:Start", 2, 2, 3, function(outcome, reason)
    if outcome == true then
		chat("Success", {255,0,0})
    elseif outcome == false then
		chat("Failure", {0,255,0})

When I start the game and win it says failure and when I start the game and lose it says Failure, I want to add some rewards for winners but this thing will ruin it

Hello @utkuali ,
hope you can help me
so i just added a registernetevent command to run an event on a server sided script, so when I start the mini game it works alright , but when I finish I cant walk, and when I start the game again it works but it puts signal match in the middle, hope you can help

How do I change the tab key to something else