Finally got past the directx/gpu bs but now I have a new issue

Managed to fix the previous error I was getting finally. However, now I have a new issue where I get stuck on a blue screen. I can hear background music and can move my cursor around but It’s not doing anything. It is just sitting there. Any idea how to get past this one? If you can please keep the buy a new computer comments to yourself. Thanks.

alt text

Did you try running in different compatibility settings or unblocking all files?

I got the same problem now. was working fine an hour ago

Nvm. sorted itself out after 4th restart

Not for me. Also I already unblocked everything as well as trying different compatibility settings. Sometimes I’ll even get this issue,

alt text

@cloud That has to do with the server. Not you.

And what about the blue screen? how do I get passed that?
Already tried compatibility settings, running as admin, unchecked read-only for all files in rof folder. Btw, I’m on Windows 7 64bit home, I have my anti-virus and firewalls disabled, all drivers updated, & every visual studio redistributable/Microsoft framework.

Running out of ideas, What else can I do?

@cloud I get that only blue screen very very rarely, a restart instantly solves it for me.

Tried restarting already, that didn’t change a thing.

YES! It’s Working!@!!@ OMFG. F*CKING FINALLY.
The solution to this problem is to start the game, if it hangs on blue, kill process.
Repeat the above step up to 5 times till it works. Eventually you will be able to get in.

I’m so happy right now that I finally have everything working.
thanks a lot Kane, community and developers for helping me overcome this.

Please lock this thread as the problem is fixed and the solution is posted.