FFA with permanent death


I looking for a solution that make player can play again as soon as all players where dead (or a last one is alive/finish a task). I think that need to communication with server? but I don’t found any information about how to do this (I try to understand how freeroam 2 work, but it’s not really clear for me)

I think about another solution: use team fonction (SetPlayerTeam and GetPlayerTeam):
Team 1: players who are not ready to play(choose stuff)
Team 2: players who are ready do play(waiting for other players)
Team 3: all ready players become team 3(playing)
Team 4: Dead player who waiting next round (in spectate mode, for exemple)

What is the best way? And also, someone can give me a way to make it? (not all the solution, but a way to start)


EDIT: After perform some test GetPlayerTeam look not working… (So SetPLayerTeam is useless…)

Although this resource has beem abandoned for now you might find what you look for

Thank you, I will have a look

I know a little of html, but create a database from scratch I can’t… did you have it?

Thank you

It shows the required tables, you require to make the db yourself tho.

Yep, I do that, but table ask a lot of option… most of them can be blank but other need to be set correctly.

For now, when I enter in my server with tdm activated, I’m stuck on loading screen after the long connection to the server… so, I think there are a problem!

Does the TDM gamemode work?

No, you have to fix it by youself…

I made the database I needed and it seems to work. But I need help with the “User” and “Admin” lines. How can I set the colors white, black and gray?

– Hooking into chat messages to insert admin tags.
AddEventHandler(‘chatMessageEntered’, function(name, color, message)

local tag = "^whiteUser ^black| ^gray"

if(Users[source] ~= nil)then
	if(tonumber(Users[source].admin) > 0)then
		tag = "^redAdmin ^black| ^gray"

TriggerEvent('chatMessage', source, tag .. GetPlayerName(source), message)

TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', -1, tag .. GetPlayerName(source), {0, 0x99, 255}, message)

print(GetPlayerName(source) .. ': ' .. message)


I tried to set colors like this: local tag = “^7User ^0| ^9” but they do not work