Few questions etc


  • When hosting a server then joining it, weapon icons in the weapon wheel are white (textureless). Why?
  • I couldn’t get a Vice City map to work in my server, any support on that? (custom resource started succesfully though)

Bugs, or smth:

  • [BUG] When joining a server, sometimes when the game loads the square at top-left is still red (not connected)
  • [NON-CONFIRMED] The game keeps crashing without any warning at all, just dies off (not on my end, on my friend’s PC, used to happen on MultiFive, not sure if that happens on FiveReborn yet)
  • .NET mods don’t work. Just gives some weird error that has barely any info.

I’m awaiting responses soon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Editing of the type of bug in [ ]s is allowed by admins)

To your first question, i rarely have that. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. We gotta look into it. About the vice city map i have no clue as i never stream maps.

The red box means that the connection wasn’t succesful. Try again, and then to the crashing thing i have no idea.