[Feature] Add "Fix 'UI lag' at high GPU usage" setting

I experience lots of UI lag after a little bit of time playing on servers, even on my own server that was using a ported framework + NUI based inventory I made for FiveM, nothing fancy.

Enabling this option in FiveM solves this ‘UI lag’ for me, and to my suprise this option does not exist in RedM, would love to see it in RedM too.

‘Fix UI lag’ setting in FiveM:

This workaround wouldn’t apply to RedM at all since RDR doesn’t use D3D11, and therefore it would have no effect.

Sadly Microsoft is refusing to acknowledge the underlying bug/design issue as even existent so there can’t be any proper fix for this either.

That… sucks.

It is now added, thanks to Ktos93.
However, I’m curious what solved it? Did Microsoft acknowledge the bug and fixed it, or does RDR now use D3D11?
I checked the github commit, but it just enabled the option in the UI, nothing else.