🚜 Farming Creator [ESX/QBCore] - in-game farming creation menu

Hello back

I’ll add a few suggestions for improvement
and leave the suggestions that I still have open :slight_smile:

► Animal spawn for e.g. Cows for milk & chicken for meat…
► Certain plants can only be planted within a certain radius
► Max Count for Player/Plant
► Smoke for regular Benches

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Hey man! Have almost all your scripts and love them all!
Just have to ask one thing, ingame hours for schedules in shopscreator + doorscreator and farming creator aswell! Just because I think it limits a little bit player in terms of schedule wise, while if its ingame hours it can add a limit, but not a “personal life” limitation if I used my words right xD Keep going with the great scripts!

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There is an option in the settings that you can turn off the notification, which shows what you get in your inventory

Can you add Codem-inventory support to the script please since they had an update nothing works on my server anymore but we tried everything from your docs and all from codem

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im having the exact same problem that psynapse_chaos has on my server … i hope they will add codem-inventory in the near future :disappointed_relieved:

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Hello, the best way is to use an inventory which doesn’t heavily edits the framework

Do you think there is a possibility that you will add the inventory from Codem in the future in a way that it is selectable like ox_inventory ?

i mean i have many scripts from you and they worked really nice and they are great,
but now i cant use them and i dont want throw them all out because of the inventory .
(tried other inventorys with the same result)

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Hello, the best suggestion is to use an inventory which doesn’t heavily edits the framework

and wich inventory would you suggest?
(sorry it is getting late and i am not really familiar in forums ^^)

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Unfortunately I can’t be aware of what inventories edit the framework

Please insert the option in the category fields that you also can use a vehicle like in farms
because then you can make a lawn mower job with specific objects points where you can drive over a object like gras because right now in the farm category you can make use vehicle yeah but only at 1 object point and i want that you can drive like 1 round pick up some gras with the land mower needed and then you can create a item like “grass” and you can sell it after you cleaned a garden

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Farming Creator is again a very good script. I only have one change idea that can actually be implemented quite quickly.

It’s about the information “Press E to interact”. It would be helpful if the label of each is displayed there.
As an example, I’m creating a gold mining farm and want the blip to only be displayed on the minimap. So that the player knows what he is doing before he does it, it would be helpful if it said what I called it. I hope that was clear xD

Kind regards SON3K

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Love the script! it’s really easy to get going and have been having fun figuring things out.

Just have a few suggestions.

My first suggestion would be the ability to add peds just like the add props. That way we can set up farm animals. I have seen it mentioned several times in the thread so no reason to elaborate.

My other suggestion is to have the ability to have a mini game after interacting.

Other than that I think this and the mission creator are 2 of my best purchases yet. Thanks for all your hard work!

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Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad you like the script guys :grin: