Fantastic City

Hey im MadMan aka (Pablo) Ive been in the city for a while and my honest reveiw of the citys is fantastic so far ive had amazing RP experiances with the community.

I have had great Rp in Gang RP, Fed RP, Hobo RP, And Lawyer Rp. For serious Rp You will have a lot of fun.

the community of Saints & Sinners are great people and I HAVE NOT experianced any of the usual city problems such as RDM/VDM in this city.

I would highly recommend this city to people who are New to Rp , experianced Rpers, and Advanced Rpers

The owners interact with the community and ask for your opinion and how everything is going for you during community meetings but also go around city creating RP for everyone when city is Low Pop and there isnt much RP.

But if you decide to join i hope to meet you in Rp.


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