FamilyV | Discord Whitelist | US Based | 18+


Launching on November 5th 2021

FamilyV RP is a upcoming Discord whitelisted community looking to strive for the best RP experience on the FiveM Platform.

We are a professionally developed server for people looking to take their RP immersively to the next level. We hope to make the community feel friendly and welcoming to all RP audiences.
It is the place for people to engage with one another, make new friends, and build their own journey. Why not come join us on Discord and fly into the city to see what we are all about.
Welcome to FamilyV RP!

Mission Statement
FamilyV - There is Only One Way: Your Way!

Want a city that has tons of custom MLOs to immerse your experience? Want a city that has a player run economy? Want a city that you can build your business or criminal empire? Well our team is dedicated to letting you express all that and allowing your roleplay to flourish.

Whitelisted Jobs

Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) :police_car:
The Department will work with the community to promote open communication, education, fair and equal treatment. They will improve the quality of life and to encourage respect in and around Los Santos.
While making sure Los Santos is a safe community to live and build your businesses.

San Andreas Medical Department (SAMS) :ambulance:
Here at SAMS, we would like to warmly invite you to come and join us on a good wonder of fun. Why not come down to your local Medical center and join a Department that is looking out for safety of others.
Why should you join SAMS?
SAMS is truly unique experience, no calls are the same as your past ones. They are an ever changing experience from person to another.

Illegal Activities :pill:
FamilyV RP has tons of features and ways to go into the criminal world. These range from making/selling drugs, illegal street racing, robberies and much more. Want to join an established gang or start your own? Or if you prefer to work alone and go down your own path by robbing banks, stores, houses, whatever suits your fancy we have it all here waiting for you at FamilyV RP. Where will you take your empire?

Player Owned Business :office:
Want to own/run something you have worked so hard to achieve? We have a large range of businesses up for sale waiting for there owners. Some include PDM, Mechanic Shops, Restaurants, Vanilla Unicorn and many more.
Got an idea for a business that is not available? Let us know and we will see what we can do for you to immerse your RP experience.

Other Features

  • Fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish:
  • Salvaging
  • Truck Driving :truck:
  • Housing :houses:
  • Realistic Economy :moneybag:
  • Realistic Vehicle Handling :blue_car:
  • Golfing :golf:
  • Many Civilian Jobs
  • Active Development Team :man_factory_worker:
  • Much more to explore.

If your looking for this type of immersive RP experience, with putting the community members first, fair departments, with loads of stuff to do in town and an active development team willing to hear about your ideas. Who will hopefully bring them into the immersive scene.
Is FamilyV the type of server your looking for? Then be sure to join our Discord to get that whitelist tag and then fly in to our city and let your creative mind begin. If you have any questions or concerns our team will be sure to help you out.

With the Launch of FamilyV just a week away, I thought I would take the time to add a little insight to what we will have to offer for Crimes, jobs and activies

Civilian Jobs

  • GoPostal: Keep Los Santos moving while delivering packages to homes via a delivery van around the state.
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport Dealership: Citizans in Los Santos always need a ride to get around. Why not become a salesman/saleswomen and sell vehicles to players while earning money from commission per sale.
  • Benefactor Dealership: Citizans in Los Santos want some Luxury in life. This will be the first point of contact to start the Luxury empire of vehicles, why not be a salesman/salewomen and sell high end vehicles to the citizans.
  • Weazel News: Want to become a news reporter or create stories for the citizans to enjoy and read? We have that option available to you.
  • Dynasty8: Want to become a real estate agent? You will be able to offer and sell commerical and residental properites to the citizans of Los Santos.
  • Los Santos Police Department: Protect and Serve the State of Los Santos while enjoying the ever growning department that has future plans to grow along with the officers within it.
  • San Andreas Medical Service: Want to save lives? Well at SAMS you have that opportunity to save the citizens of Los Santos.
  • Much more: There is more to explore and introduce at FamilyV


  • Store Robberies: Want a quick cash grab? Hold up the cashier to see if he will be able to grab the cash and bag it for you before the LSPD arrive.
  • House Robberies: Want a job that requires stealth and skill? Well why not try and rob a house with a whole system involved of figuring it out. Also try and not disable the alarm :slight_smile:
  • Bank Heists: Want a even bigger job and payout? Well gear up and take on the largest bank in Los Santos and earn big.
  • Vangelicos: Want a hit and run a jewlers? Well why not smash and grab before cops arrive.


  • BahamaMamas: Want to party into the night, well come on down to Del Perro and enjoy the amazing sound of music and tunes, while meeting new people or your friends.
  • Fishing: Want to take a break from work life or crime? Why not head up North West and grab a fishing rod and rent a boat out to seat and seattle into the breath or fresh air and stunning viewes.
  • Hunting: Want to shot something without having to worry about the LSPD? Well head North and go and aim practice on some of the State’s wildlife along with earning money as you go.
  • Much more: We have alot more to offer in the city, come in and explore.

Bump, we are now open and hiring

Los Santos Police Department
We are hiring for experience and enthuastic cops within a city that is just starting out as well as command for selected roles within the PD.

San Andreas Medical
We are hiring for enuthatic EMT’s and other command staff ranks within a new city.

Why not come check us out today by simply connecting to our discord then flying on into th city. If your interested in any of the jobs be sure to tweet or /311 in game to talk to someone :slight_smile:

You all should check out this server. They have a lot of great MLO’s in there and many that other cities don’t have!

City is open, all you need to do is connect to our Discord: Discord Server make sure you have linked FiveM/CFX to your discord account via the app and then come fly into the city and check us out :slight_smile:

We have alot to offer for different kinds of RP, Bikers, gangs, life style improvements, jobs and many more…
One of the staff members put a video together to show off our biker locations for any type of Biker Gang or Group RP if one was to equire one :slight_smile: Biker Video

We are still hiring for LSPD and SAMS in the city, so if you feel you can take on one of those roles be sure to fly on in a speak to someone that is on duty to help you talk with the right person.

Be sure to check out our Socials


We hope to see you soon or be sure to check out our discord :slight_smile:

We just pushed a update to the server with more job opertunties and creative business idea, here is a list of change log:

Update 1.1

Opened 2 Businesses in Town [Bean Machine @ Legion, Rotte Huller near Grove]

  • Added there requested items for them to start business. :coffee: :wine_glass:

Fixed Mosely’s Collision issue with the ramp door
Added Gabz Arcade Interior
Added Gabz Bowling Interior :bowling:
Added Gabz UwU Cafe Interior :black_cat:
Added Gabz Pizzeria Interior :pizza:
Added Gabz Tribal Records Interior :microphone:
Added Gabz Tuner Shop Interior :mechanic:
Added Gabz Impound Lot, Bennys & PDM :red_car: :wrench: :police_car:
Added Gabz Davis PD & Paleto PD :policeman: : :policewoman:
Added Mile High Club - Exterior Only :office:
Moved PDM to Del Perro while new one gets some adjustsments made to it :slight_smile:
Moved Impound Job to new Impound Lot :briefcase:
Added McGill Construction Office :office:
Added DigiDens to some more locations with able to purchase phone from :iphone:
Added ChinaTown Shop Block
Added Los Santos Coast Guard Office :ocean:
Added CluckinBell to VineWood Plaza :fries:

Why not come check out for the city for yourself and let us know what you think?