Failed zlib call :(

It says reboot, uninstall or verify game files. I did reboot, uninstalled and installed game again and verified files. Nothing worked yet and I also tried to launch game normally and works perfect. Something is causing F.R. to mess up. I dont know what to do anymore, any help would be advisable :slight_smile:

Link of screenshot error is here:

Did you add modifications to GTA V?

Yep, seems like when I put out file from mods x64e.rpf F.R. doesnt even start, I think its corrupted or something, because im in a police clan and nobody has this problem…:slight_smile:

Actually it works without mods folder, seems its like corrupted :frowning:

K got it working, didnt have all original updates in mods folder thats why it was corrupted, thx for help anyway :smiley:

Glad you fixed it, welcome!