Failed Experience

So i pride myself on super honest reviews. i am not the nicest person when i get mad, which in turn ended up getting me Perma Banned here. so this review is not biased i am letting everyone know that i wanted to do this a long time ago, but i feared getting banned. This is mostly a community of play to win types, and abusive admins. unless you drop money every month, every week, etc, then your gonna never really catch up to anyone of the long time players. Server glitches, inventories missing/stolen, missing banks, i can go on and on. the worst part is that this server had soo much potential, but they let too much stuff get in the way of taking care of their players. Beware the ADMIN gang if you do join. the saltiness of all the higher ups is a joke, you piss them off, banned, you don’t like the way they do something, banned, you failRP, banned.

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