Fail in the program

When I open the Five Reborn appears a Rockstar window for put my rockstar account ¿What can I do?

Enter your rockstar log in information…

Do what the window tells you, put in your Social Club account.

O do that but don’t work…

Have you bought the game or are you using a pirate copy?

Do you really have to ask anymore? XD

Well, I like having hope in humanity as a whole. Also, I like seeing the “I’m a pirate” or “I’m using Steam RELOADED” comments. They just brighten up my day.

I have a crack and mod Repack … Obvuously is pirate, if i have the original Game i don’t try to Play in pirate servers…

Well, then get outta here. Pirated copies are NOT supported. This is not a pirate multiplayer, these are not pirate servers and nothing can change that. Also, before this gets locked, AYYLMAO.