F6 mechanic Menu for Gas

trying to add a native where i can fill up my gas tank with the F6 mechanic job menu, ive set the native to either clean or repair the car and it works perfect but cant get it to fill up on gas, any help? pics below

cleaning function works:

gas filling doesnt:

tried setting it to 100.0, 100 and even 0 to try and drain it

Are you using some sort of fuel system? That “SetVehicleFuelLevel()” native doesn’t actually do much to the car. Just what shows on the dashboard, and I think the amount of fuel that drops from the tank when you shoot it.

If you already have a fuel system that takes care of…you know…consuming the fuel and everything, you might need to use the functions provided by that system.

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true i use the same native for my police repair and it fills up my cars just fine, i use Legacy Fuel

tried to set same function and config from Legacy fuel but no luck

try changing the local vehicle function to ’ local vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId(), false) ’ this works for me

edit: Then use ’ SetVehicleFuelLevel(vehicle, 100.0) ’ i use Legacy Fuel so it should work.

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thanks brother it works! now i just need to freeze the car so people cant fill and drive :stuck_out_tongue:

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got it working good now, thanks again duncan <3

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