Extremely Disrespectful Staff, most of these children are so condescending

Throughout my 1 year experience within this server, each day always managed to disappoint me. The Staff on the other hand have absolutely zero respect for people who play on the server, their only goal is to impress any girl within a mile radius by acting ‘tough’ for the sake of needs & wants. As a Police Officer I managed to reach towards the Supervisory roles and again, literally everyone within this server are condescending pieces of shits who have the biggest ego’s and take their roleplay so seriously to a point where its a matter of life or death. Throughout my entire Five M experience i’ve never seen a server that is super cringey like Malibu, the roleplays, the people, are all so odd because of how serious they take their roleplays. You do one thing that a glorious staff member does not like, expect to be verbally harrassed and outcasted from society, because trust me these guys have all the power in the world. (I totally recommend trolling on this server as it is super entertaining)


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