Experienced Police Command looking for a new home!

Hello Everyone!

I go by the name Paul Calden and I’m 28 years old from Sweden. I have been roleplaying as a Police Officer since late 2016 where I started off in Arma 3 RP and then came over to Fivem when it was kind of new and ever since then I’ve ran different Police Departments on different servers. I’m now looking for a permanent home and looking for any position from LT to Commissioner. I play both EU and NA times i’m the best of both worlds. I also am very active and do like 8-15 hours a day. I stream on Twitch and I’m growing at a Rapid Speed (Twitch). I’ve been running departments and sub divisions since late 2016. I’m well known in Fivem world on larger servers and many of the servers are still running on my setup and documents. I’m now looking for a permanent server to settle down in tho. So no short jobs are interesting to me.

I’m also very open to opening a new department like Troopers in your established server

What you can expect from me:

  • Activity & Dedication
  • Maturity
  • High amount of experience and great leadership that can be shown and proven.
  • Respect and good setups
  • Loads of documents for both subdivisions and full departments
  • Good sense of humor but also know when to be serious
  • Firm leadership but still friendly. However I take my PD RP quite serious
  • I do not play more then character so full focus will be on the PD character.

What I expect from you:

  • Active playerbase
  • Open dialogue with command and server owners to make sure that PD is on a steady progress
  • Serious RP server i’m not looking for a gang gang server.
  • Respecting the time and effort that I put in
  • Allow me to bring in my ideas and suggestion and be able to discuss them without shutting it down.

Also I obviously have showcases and stuff to show off my documents and how I do different jobs and deal with things. Anything that you want to see I’ll show and explain through discord.

Please do not add me on discord if it’s a very low pop server and or not a serious RP server. I’m only looking for a decently popped serious RP server where cops don’t get shot up 55 times a day!

My socials

Discord: Snetutte
Twitch: Twitch
Tiktok: TikTok - Make Your Day

Kind Regards
Paul Calden

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Still looking for a SERIOUS rp city that is in need of help!


Added you hope to be in talks discord is Pathest

Still looking! We’ve had some great offers however nothing that fits me.

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