Experienced LEO dept. head looking for a community!

Greetings everybody,

My name is Accent, I’m 16 and I’m from the United Kingdom. I’m searching for a community/server where I could lead a law enforcement agency.

Please do not respond if…

  • Your community is inactive.
  • Your community is not looking for dept. heads.
  • Your community is rude or unwelcoming.
  • Your community has patrol times that occur past 6:30pm EST OR 11:30pm GMT

Please add me on Discord for future questions and inquires at the following address. I look forward to hearing from you all very soon!


Hi Accent!

I have a FiveM server looking for experienced members. I can’t offer you the head of a department, however it is very likely that you will be able to snag a high-ranking spot within one if you are interested. My discord is Braingap#6297. I just added you, I can send you more info there!


I added you on discord my discord is Coregang#5605

Bump bump! Still seeking

~Coruscant Roleplaying~

CoruscantRP is a new Roleplaying server on Fivem that is free to play with lots of :
•Unique Scripts
•Custom MLO’s
•Custom cars and bikes
•A lot of legal and illegal jobs
•Player owned stores , Cardealships and Gasstations
•Euro Trucker Job
•F1 Racing track

•Gang system for Street gangs , Yakuza , Cartel , MC’s , …

We are currently hiring Police , EMS , Judges & Lawyers and mechanics .
We are aiming for Hard Roleplaying , with a realistic economy.

Join us now to receive a Free City Starter Kit and extra rewards for referring players to the city.

See you there!
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/YM3hjcPc

Bump!! Still seeking!!

we have EMS and police available as well as mafia boss and a few gang bosses to!

do you have any Dev experience?

I’m really only interested in leading LE departments. I do not have dev experience.

Still looking! :eyes:

Still looking! :eyes:

Edited topic’s name and description…

Bump! Still looking!

Still looking! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: