Experienced FiveM Staff Member looking for a home in RedM

Hello! My name is London or Brandon Bremendian and I figured this would be the best place to put this. I am looking for a server to assist in the government as a staff member. I bring 5+ years of roleplaying and staff experience on the FiveM side. I have been playing RedM for a year now in and out of power hungry staff communities and want to make a change.

Preferably 18+, proper staff team. Would like to become a lawmen or if possible a business owner if the opportunity presents itself, lawyer, etc. Would love to speak and find a new home!

Hello all! I am looking for a home with non power hungry admins, little kids, girls who have their way simply because of there gender (awakened rp) and servers far away from the likes of nexus county!

I do require the server ensures all law men are 16+, staff requirement is 18+ , and the server does not allow donations for in game money (pay to win).

Please contact me londonbr on discord, I would love to speak further.

Thank you!


hey you find a home yet

I have not!

Hey there! We’re not a whitelisted community for time being, but we ARE 18+ and almost the entire staff team is 25+ even in the 30’s, we’re all great together and would love to talk with you more if you’d be interested! You should be able to find me on discord my username is jackp_ :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a dm on discord later for sure!

Is the server realistic economy? And no pay to play, not out of server purchases can get anything in game?

We are making it very realistic, we are basing the price on a goldbar, which goes for in 1888, 20 dollars which means we are basing the prices around that, can explain a little better on discord if needed be :slight_smile: And I do not condone paid advantages and I don’t have any pages set up for any donations either.

That’s awesome sounds good. I have an idea id like to do, I’ll send you a message soon.


Hey hmu Looking to build a new server if ur down to be a part of it?