Experienced FiveM Developer Looking for Work!

Hi! Taco here. I’ve been coding on FiveM for 8 months, primarily on QBCore framework (completely rewriting and optimizing it) but have also coded on custom frameworks as well, and have no issue with transitioning to ESX if needed.

Experience in Fivem developing: 8 months

Known programming languages: Lua, SQL, HTMLS/CSS/JS, others that aren’t as relevant

Scripts/Resources: Can optimize any current resources on a server as well as code custom scripts/resources to the owner/community’s liking

Database work: Can optimize databases as well as any SQL queries to speed up query time and server performance.

Car Developing: Can do basic car tuning as well as optimizing car textures.

Looking for a stable server to join their development team but am not opposed to joining a new server if it feels right. Please contact me for pricing details (negotiable).

For more information Conatact:
Discord: tacooo#6969
Email: [email protected]

Have a good day

Some more information about me,

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and I’ve been coding for 5+ years in multiple languages. I started playing on FiveM at the beginning of 2021 and quicky became interested in the development side of things. I was very quick to understand the process and in just a few weeks was able to code my own resources and have only improved since. I’m currently available and looking for something full time and am ready to commit 40 hours a week or whatever is needed. I’d be happy to showcase my work in a call if you’re interested and discuss your servers needs.


bump, still available

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Bump, available asap

Discord doesn’t work

Hey, not sure if you are looking for paid work or to join a community but we are seeking experienced developers to grow our team more!

Check us out here: Developers Wanted | Amplify Roleplay