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Hello! Welcome to my Post advertising my services, I will try and keep it short and sweet for the sake of saving both of us a lot of time.

My name is Samuel, and I started my “career” in this field back in Arma 3, developing for both large and small communities, before moving on to FiveM, developing for other communities, and eventually starting my own! All of this adds up to roughly 5 years of overall programming expertise, therefore I can assure you that working with me will be a pleasant experience.

Since I started doing development work on FiveM, I have worked for upwards of 15 communities!

What can I offer you?

  • A custom Framework built from the ground up (hundreds of hours poured into this project)

  • Development Work on your Framework, whether that be adding/removing or making scripts from scratch, as well as obviously bug fixes.

  • I am also always available to answer any of your questions regarding your server, even after my time developing on yours or after having finished installing my Framework on your server, as I am sure my customers so far can assure you.

Join my Discord to view a vast catalog of server scripts/my previous work: Click me!
Or contact me directly: Samuel#0008

If my words cannot entice you, maybe some picture of my Framework can!

Thank you for reading my post and going through the pictures, I hope you have a great day!


the consistency of bug fixes is insane. it might not be much right now but i can see this server getting a LOT better very fast.

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Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

i need work hmu discord is AgitatedHippo97#5832 its one script but willing to give what it takes to get it done

This person is amazing, and the server is fantastic, and as a developer, he is good.
I recommend this person to everyone who wants a good server without lag etc.

Great framework to chose from! Sam has constantly gone above and beyond with installation on our VPS, fixing things we’ve had complaints about, and overall being there for support when we couldn’t figure something out. Excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this framework to anyone who cannot afford a lot of money, but is able to fork out enough to support this man right here. Very kind, cooperative, and easy to work with. Great stuff!

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My latest Update is in the midst of development and soon to release.

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Question for the OP…

I bought q.bus Server from a Fivr person… but the Normal ESX commands will not work.

would you be able to share some Insite on how to work with the q.bus Server or is there some information on the web some where… I cannot for the life of me get anywhere with it…

I shut it down for now… since i cannot do much with it while in the city…

Contact me on discord! :smiley:


cant add you for some reason im looking for a FT Dev in my server add me on dis OGHive#4466

I’ve just made a new Discord, so I can speak to you guys more directly :smiley:

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Massive Updates**!!!!**!!!*

Bump! more reviews on discord

Got Samuels Framework and let’s just say I love the plans Samuel has for the future! I’ve run into a lot of “Devs” that say they know what their doing but they’re really just scammers. That’s not the case with Samuel, he listened to what I was looking for in a server and delivered in no time. We have something special in the works and I’m glad I was able to find Samuel. 10/10

Thanks :smiley: