Experienced Developer QBcore/ESX | Looking To Build 100K Or Die (Server)


Tragic Development!

I’m a professional QBcore and ESX developer hoping to join a server and help them build it up.
Mainly looking to build a gang server.

What Experiences Does Tragic Have?

Tragic has over 2 years of experience developing for FiveM!

  • Tragic has worked on a variety of servers, including his own FiveM/Rust server with over 1000 members. 1 year ago today

  • Has some Lua and JavaScript skills

  • Is Able to Create Custom Clothes

  • Quickly.

So, what exactly am I looking for?

Looking for a mature community that takes the project seriously and is willing to put in the effort to get it up and running.

Note: I’m looking for a Position.

If Interested Dm Me So We Can Take More : Tragic#5703

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Bump Forum Updated!

Bump Forum Updated!!




hi, as much as i dont want to type in here, but i have to let you know

you are not accepting DMs as I think you set only friends can chat with you. btw I have paid the first amount for you and I want to cancel the deal. Please reply me on this in Discord.

Afterwards, I will delete this message, thanks!


bumpp still looking

bump still looking



Hello :wave: Would love to have a clothing developer on the team at Inspire Roleplay, I’ll put the forum post link below. I’m currently trying to get some server developers to come and help me out. Thanks :heart:


bumpp looking to make a 100k or die server

bumpp looking to make a 100k or die server

Looking to create a 100k or die server bumpp

I DM you

Can’t add your for some reason but very interested. SneakyTurtle#5100

Your discord doesn’t work add me please I have great VPS with Top Tier Specs

Discord - henndy#0300