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I keep getting a connection failed notification when trying to log onto nodus rp server

Hello I keep getting this error, what do i do?




best server but economy is too easy if u get me

you think you can help me out with the cfx.re please and thank you?


I had reached out to this developer in an attempt to get my game mode and server developed. I had seen his post and advertisements saying he was a experienced freelance dev looking for active work however I can assure you this is not the case. This guy is just trying to peddle you his framework for a GTA RP server. Do not fall for the tricks and waste your time, he will just try to sell you his product. I never bought or purchased the product as it’s something I wasn’t even looking for so I cannot say weather or not the that is legit, do your own research I am just warning people are having their time wasted by false advertisements.

Advertising your product is fine on it’s own however it’s not okay to falsely advertise to get more traffic on your post just to sell your standard framework. At the time of writing this the post and all advertisements are framed in a way for you to reach out to him and then for him to advertise his framework. If you’re looking for an actual developer go somewhere else.

Also to ad its very sus he has comments turned off everywhere so people cannot reply / talk besides on this public forum.

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Bought the framework and now get no kind of support with bugs that pop up in the server. Have been trying to get a response for at least a week and am getting nothing. This is a standard QBus framework nothing special, and the support he mentioned is false.


When I asked the “developer” what the point of his advertisement was if it was false he just replied with “I can help with small things or sell my framework” so… looks like more than one person was tricked by his false advertisements. Bruh

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Yep :sleepy: Now I’m getting berated with issues from the few people I have on. -REP

Bump! Also, having some time to help people is also helping people, remember that :slight_smile:

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i need help

Master of rebranding QBCore receiving complaints I see.