Experienced Developer Looking For a Permanent Server! [Long Term]

Hello, I’m Icmp!

~I’m Looking For A Server To Be A Developer For.

~Im Looking For The Following Frameworks. ESX, Custom Framework, vMenu.

~I’ve Been Developing For 7 Years And I Am Looking For Permanent Server To Develop For.

~[Key Points Of What I’m Looking For]

[I’m looking for a server that already has a player base]

[I’m willing to work alongside other developers of the same knowledge as myself if not better]

[Im EU/UK Timezone, But US Suits Me Also!

[I’m looking for a loyal community]

[Serious Roleplay]

Some Of The Languages I’m Capable Of;

~LUA [Experienced]

~Javascript [Some Knowledge]

~C++ [Moderate Knowledge]

~Python [Experienced]

~C# [Some Knowledge]

~HTML [Basic To An Extent]

~[Here Are Some Of The Things I Can Do];

~Merging Assets/Maps/Vehicles I can Merge/Pack Resources For Low Resource Count.

~Convert mods and add-ons from third-party sites such as LCDPFR and GTA5 mods to FiveM resources.

~Vehicle Development (Handling, Fix Errors, Merging,)

~Script Development (Make Scripts From Scratch, Fix Errors in Scripts, Adapting Scripts.)

~Optimizing Resources (Make Resources Optimized For Maximum Performance, Minimal Ms Within The Server For The Best Experience! Preventing Hitches, Spikes)

~~Server Protection (Ensure that the server is well protected, Patch Exploits, Create Anticheats)

~~Cleaning Up Files For A More Presentable Appearance (Files Are Organized, Optimized)

~~Economy, Custom Framework, vMenu (I am more comfortable within economy servers)

If you would like to contact me then you can either contact me on discord or within the fivem post.



Hey man i sent you a friends request on discord, have a few questions for you and see if you might be willing to help


hello, we need to talk sir

Sent you i am Lincoln

can you send again please?

Hello LCMP.

Would love to chat with you about dev work.
I have added you on discord, mine is keaton#0001.
Let me know whatever is best and we can talk details.

Thank you!

you need a british esx dev

Bump still looking for work!

Bad experience, reported to staff. Do not ever send money until the job is completely done. watch out.