Experienced Developer Looking For A Community | Status : Available

                               **Updated 9/27/2022**
  • Why should you choose me as your developer?

you should choose me because i have worked with multiple servers and have alot of experience in working with developing servers specially ESX ones i know qbcore to!

  • What am i looking for?

I am looking for a well managed community with only hard working people and active dont msg me if you are going to give up on the project half way through or @ the first problem we are going to face please be patient its all about the teamwork. DONT msg me if you dont have a plan or dont have the budget to start a server please dont waste my time!

  • What am i expecting from you?

As a developer i am expecting A good position in the community and help from the management team of the community

  • How Old am i?Whats my timezone?Where am i from?

19, Egypt , GMT+2

My Qualifications :

  • Lua

  • Little HTML

  • Car Liveries

  • Little Clothe Development

  • Mlos/Ymaps

  • Sounds Awesome?
    You think i am up for the job msg me on Discord!

Personal Discord : BlackBear#3866

Still Looking