Experienced department head

Experienced department head, looking for a new server to join, preferably as a supervisor/command members or so. I have over 8 years of polixerp experience and over 10 years and 15K hours of general rp of everything.

I have been heading departments like;

  • LSPD
  • SASP
  • BCSO

Including being a part of multiple different divisions, most that you can think off, I’ve been in basically all divisions, but have not necessarily been head of them, the most memorable I’ve headed;

  • Head of CID
  • Head of Major Crimes
  • Head of Academy
  • Head of IA
  • Head of Professional Standards
  • Head of General Operations
  • Head of Special Operations


  • Corruption of government services, should not be against the rules, however be handled ingame.
  • Minimal staff intervenience
  • High ranked staff members, should nit be near high ranked positions in any government jobs
  • No vMenu, I do not see any proper motivation for proper rp by the use of vMenu
  • Server management should be open for changes and ESPECIALLY suggestions atleast, regarding police etc.

Hit me up here or on discord! Jack P#4678

Infinite Gaming is looking for department heads, you can find more information here: 🌃 [New] [Roleplay] Infinite Gaming 2.0 | Public Beta (Whitelist Soon) | QBCore/vMenu Hybrid

Sorry, im not a big fan of servers with vMenu, or vMenu hybrids. Thanks for the offer however!