Experienced and Mature LEO Roleplayer looking for new home!

Hello all,

I am josh and I am looking for servers that are looking for someone to lead a LEO department, I have experience in all 3 departments at some point in my RP career (Police, Sheriff, Highway)

Now why would you hire me into your server as a department head? Good question, below is a list of why I would be a good fit for a department head for your server.

  • I have many documents and training guides for said department so can get it all up and running quickly

  • I have over 4000 hours of RP experience as a LEO and around 2000 hours which I have been in either a leadership position or head department position

  • I am 21 so can guarantee I won’t fu*k about

  • I am not a type of those guys who bump up friends or people they know past ranks, everyone gets the same treatment and starts either at the bottom or just above the bottom dependant on prior experience

Now with all that being said I have a LOI (Letter of Interest) which I can send over with more info in more detail rather than typing it all here. So if you are interested in me then add me on discord @ J. Lambard#2864

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Hey Joshy! We are currently growing our player base with new players, and you could be one of them!

We currently have 2 white list departments you can apply for. We are also a public server!

Thanks, Abrupt.


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Hey josh we are looking for heads of police departments if you would like to join our new server i’ve read over you post a would love if you can come check us out.

Check out our page on here or join our discord link is below.

Hi i sent you a DM on Discord but if you want to read about our community before you join the discord


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hey there!
We already have a pretty nice community but always interested in finding some new talent!

Come check us out and hit me up if needed (james whitehall)