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Updated discord where you can contact me Tixa#0326

Have alot of free time currently so hit me up

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Free again after small work

ready for new project after few days

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I hope you are well. I am a UK server owner of ALRP “Alternate Life Roleplay” We are a established server which has been around for nearly 3 years now.

As life gets busier I am looking to take on a singular Developer/Team of two to join the community. I am looking for the following:

The Perfect Candidate:

  • English speaking, including competency, both okay to follow a list of requirements but also someone who is self motivated and can use initiative to drive development.
  • A developer who can handle all aspects of FiveM development from core to custom script writing and anything in between.
  • Great communication skills and must be able to break down complex development ideas to end users to understand and support.
  • Honesty, loyalty and commitment.

Information on the position

  • I am the sole developer of the project, you would join alongside me to upkeep, maintain and expand the servers development plan.
  • Daily updates with the Staff team to outline and issues ongoing and keep the Trello up to date and keeping the Staff team informed about development changes around the city.
  • The positions is a a 50/50 mix.
    50% of the time will be spent fixing known issues, finding workarounds and maintaing/updating the server infrastructure and backend.
    50% of the time is spent working on new updates and content.

The currently estimated time requirement is roughly 10-15hours per week. However this is variable and can be altered depending on availability.

If this in matches what you are looking for. Please reach out.
Discord = Kofita#6969 (Preferred contact)