[ExM] Extendedmode, a framework (1.0.0)


By the

ExtendedMode team

Version: 1.0.0

ExtendedMode is a fork of es_extended, created for backwards and forwards compatibility but, probably even more important! It’s made to create a stable and neat platform for the future of FiveM roleplay.

Many of the contributors to ExtendedMode come from a background in creating RP servers or making resources in general. We’re a group of experienced developers and welcome anyone that wants to make a contribution to ExtendedMode! All we ask for is that you’re nice, as we try to attract nice people :slightly_smiling_face:

Please follow https://extendedmode.github.io/Using%20extendedmode/#standard-installation

Please go to https://extendedmode.github.io/

Our view & features
To give people an idea of what ExtendedMode is made for, we’ve created this list to give you some inspiration as to what is possible and what is to come

  • Full compatibility with es_extended 1.1 addons
  • Partial (improving) compatibility with es_extended 1.2 addons
  • (Massive in places) Performance improvements over es_extended
  • We want the best, not the easiest solution

If you are coming from ESX 1.1, you must use the migratedb command (which will be documented soon!). Follow the instructions.

If you have removed the spawnmanager resource you MUST re-add it.

And on a final note!
We’d like to thank all of our contributors who made this possible!


Which use can we give to that?

Performance, stability and feature improvements

hmmm that sounds really good!

Good job fella, this is gonna be the best framework to use on FiveM.

Massive performance improvements, yet still requiring EssentialMode… Something doesn’t quite add up. Not to mention ESX 1.2 has the capabilities to completely replace ES for 99.99% of RP servers.

Anyway, this is good for those who don’t know how to code and just want compatibility with old scripts they don’t know how to port.

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That’s false actually, also EssentialMode has no performance impact. Neither does ExM require EssentialMode, however they work perfectly fine together.

I think you’re misinformed and therefore drawing conclusions without the whole picture.

so I need esplugin_mysql too?

I this SQL is no database

This looks promising! So if i am currently using es_extended and older than 1.2 ESX (item limit, not weight) would switching es_extended to this one break all my scripts that are currently using es_extended? :slight_smile:

No and that is the point

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The work you guys have done so far has been great. Looking forward to more stuff you guys do.

Thank you! Will definitely give this a try!

What’s actually changed other than “Performance and Stability” how different you are compared to ESX and other frameworks out there?

Im using this and some bugs are happening right now like for example not saving data. “location” , “name” for example.

as you can see in the image is saving locations but then when load the map is not loading so goes again to spawn. and names are not being saved too. Please fix this resource (L) or find any solution with esx

What resources are you using? This isn’t always just the framework’s fault.

are there any kashacters working with this?

the installation guide does actually say essentialmode is required

Not if you are doing standard installation.

We’re working on adding multi-character functionality directly into the framework (with a much better UI too) in the near future. This will come as part of a big database overhaul (yes, everything will be backwards compatible don’t worry) and will bring about a ton of new features and possible new features!

ExM was spawned from necessity. At the time of the ExM team’s formation, there was a lot of instability going on with es_extended. es_extended started to just outright not work for the majority of people and that simply wouldn’t do. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s thought they could do a better job of managing es_extended if they had the chance so a bunch of like minded people got together to put our money where our mouth was so to speak and actually do it. So far, it’s turning out very well! :slight_smile:


This seems really interesting excited to see where it goes. Would meta data be possible with this framework in the future? Example character has his ID registered to him someone steals said ID the ID keeps the name dob etc of the original character it came from.