Evolution Network

Evolution Network | FiveM QBCore Built Server
[QBCore] Evolution Network | Unique Build | Custom Scripts | Active Development | Organized Assets | Ultra-Realism | Internal Affairs | Anticheat | Evolution Network™]

Evolution Network is built on it’s community, here we prioritize community suggestions and feelings towards our server. Here we realize our server wouldn’t be possible without the community. With that we are here to build a server based on community input. Our team is full of mature and engaged individuals who work everyday to improve & monitor the environment surrounding Evolution Network. We’re hoping to work with our community to build a friendly and mature roleplay environment for all individuals to really enjoy playing in and being apart of.

Currently Evolution Network is small but that’s where all servers must start. Our alternative goal is to push ourselves away from other FiveM servers and have key components that are rare and enjoyable that other FiveM servers may lack. We’re looking to build an active & engaged community/player base. We are actively and daily developing the server and inquiring suggestions on improvements. We are working very thoroughly throughout this project to ensure the best experience & opportunities possible for the player.

:european_castle: - Custom Housing Shells + Realtor Employment

:mosque: - Custom Court House, Obtain Your ID And Job.

:man_factory_worker: - Custom Jobs And Balanced Activities For All Parties

:speaking_head: - Custom VOIP System

:luggage: - Starter Apartments

:necktie: - Plenty Of Custom Clothing

:mushroom: - Completely Custom Drug System

:rocket: - No Pay 2 Win

:hourglass: - Active Development

:heart: - Friendly Staff, We’re Very Welcoming

:exclamation: - Active Support System

:warning: - Custom & Advanced AntiCheat

:stop_sign: - No Toxicity

:shopping_cart: - Balanced Grind, Activities and Economy

:baseball: - Leisure (Golf, Bowling, Arcade, Etc…)

:curling_stone: - Advanced Health System

:dart: - Games

:open_file_folder: - Organized Documentation/Departments

Discord - (Evolution Network™)