Evidence System [Script Formula]


This is a evidence system resource that allows you to visualize, collect and leave evidence (such as DNA, Bullet Casings etc.) behind in order to make your roleplay experience more realistic.


  • Realtime coordinate and heading detection in order to show only which evidence the player is looking at.
  • Job integration with any code base.
  • The resource does not depend on any base (such as ESX and QB).
  • Highly configurable.
  • Synced with all clients.
  • Compatible with OneSync.

Our resource does not have any dependencies. It supports all the code bases!


You will find more information about this resource and how to proceed with your purchase on our Tebex Store

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 236
Requirements None
Support Yes
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230 lines for $25 jesus christ.

Well the actual price is lower but taxes :frowning:

would be really cool if you could get this to work by getting the metadata (serial Numbers from the guns that fired the bullets) from inventory scripts, you should look into it, i know it would be possible with mf inventory

You can do that already. It is baseless so you can add your own inventory code to get the serial number for example

How would they do that the code is inaccessible

You can add it in the id field of the evidence:new:evidence event and get it afterwards in the PICKUP_EVIDENCE function or the PICKUP_SV_FUNCTION which return the evidence data, and for the server it returns the source also

Would this work with ace groups

There is an IS_POLICE function is the config, so you can check the ace perms there. So yes it would!

Alright so would I have to add an ‘IS_POLICE’ Line somewhere in the police ace group? sorry I’m quite new to this stuff

In the config there is a provided function called IS_POLICE, inside that function you can add your code to check the ace groups

aah ok that makes sense now. Thankyou for the help! love the script

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