EU/US/UK | NEW | Legendary Outlaws | Season 1 | Starting a new Community |

Welcome to Legendary Outlaws. We are a server that doesn’t do things by the book. Our reason for setting up this community is simple. Have FUN and provide a place for every kind of player that joins. After all its a game right. We are currently at a state were we are ready for release. We just need a community.

– Featuring –

  • Public server (Everyone can join)
  • Allowlisted server (Serious Roleplayers)
  • Freeroam server Vmenu Based (Everyone can join)

We are looking for people to fulfill certain roles. Feel free to join our discord for more information.

Looking for the following ingame roles:

  • Sheriff ( Head of law enforcement)
  • Deputy’s
  • Doctors

We are also looking for the following staff positions

  • Developers
  • Admins
  • Moderators
  • Community Manager
  • Community Helpers


Great server!