[EU/UK/EN] QualityRP.2 | Serious Roleplay | Whitelisted gang spots available! | PD & EMS are hiring! | Custom Drugs | Custom Jobs | 4 Characters | Tokovoip

QualityRP.2 :heavy_check_mark:Serious Roleplay | Toko-Voip | Whitelisted gang spots available! | PD & EMS are hiring! | Custom Drugs | Custom Jobs | 4 Characters | DISCORD.GG/QR

We are a Fivem serious roleplay server hosted from the UK. And we want you to enjoy it!

Our goal is to deliver the best roleplay experience. We offer a wide variety of jobs and other ways to support yourself in the city. The developers are always looking to improve and that’s where we need you! We want you to become a part of our community and help us improve even further so that we can become the best server out there.

Discord: go to invite.gg/qrp
Server IP: quality-rp.org <- Copy this link and past into FiveM
Teamspeak: quality-rp.org <- Copy this link and past into teamspeak

Here is a small list of some of the features we have on the server. (This is just the tip of the iceberg)

  • :microphone2: Teamspeak VOIP and radios
  • :moneybag: Multiple Characters!
  • :map: Customized map
  • :gun: Gangs
  • :pill: A sophisticated drug system
  • :police_car: Realistic vehicle handling
  • :necktie: multiple legal and Illegal jobs
  • :bank: Bank heists, ATM robberies, etc.
  • House robberies & Player robberies
  • Realistic economy
  • :homes: Fully customizable motels

Currently, we have 2 Gang spots available. Fully setup, with starting assets! Create a ticket in the discord if you would like to know more!!

We are also looking for new PD/EMS members to join the city as well. if you are interested in one of the whitelisted jobs feel free to fill out an application or contact us via discord.

If you want to become part of the moderator team contact us directly through discord.
Discord: http://discord.link/QualityRP

QualityRP.2 [HIRING PD/EMS] FiveM server



Have really enjoyed the server so far! Server shows a lot of potential already for such a brand new server!

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  • We are hiring staff now!

  • If you want to be chief of police in our city, please do apply!

  • Same goes for ems!

Contact me if you want to apply in person:
Discord: MrSebas#2023

Server is now live !!


Amazing server, I enjoy my time everytime i play on it! I know this server will become better and better everyday! soo Good luck guys! Wishing you the best in this server!!! :slight_smile:

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been realy joyfull playing on the server , realy nice community and much potential <3

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We are still looking for PD, EMS, and Mechanics !!
Also, there’s a lot more room for civilians to RP in our server!
If you like something new and refreshing, please join the server!

events gonna be LIT

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Last couple of day were awesome !!
Never thought the community would grow so fast !(3days ago)

Now: Again. DAAAAAAAAAMN what a crazy experience, meeting so many new people and making so many friends 0.0 <3 I love FiveM

Tonight is the night!
Imports will open tonight and because of that we will be hosting a little event at 11 PM CEST.
If you want to take part in the event before the imports open and have a chance at the grand be sure not to miss it!
We will be gathering at Legion parking, and from there will move to the site of the event.
Be there or be square!

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Been at least 15 player on in the last couple of days ! Awesome !!

Probably the best upcoming server ive ever played on, brilliant scriprts and a brilliant server, has actual RP and fun events too.


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We’ll be doing another event tonight !!! Get ready for some off roading :wink: <3

Best fivem server I have been on upvoted

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Amazing server love everything about it amazing and friendly staff quality for sure <3

Hi all !! Were still looking for people to join the police department and the EMS department !!!

Join the discord now! and head to the:

Thank you !

We will be doing a giveaway and event once we hit 300 members on the discord!
7 left !!!

I will be updating this post with actual count!

We hit the 300 !!! Raffle is up on the discord !

Honestly a great server. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: .

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Having some great fun! everyone is welcoming and awsome :slight_smile:

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