[EU] Server looking for developers

In need of developers/graphic designers.

Basic knowledge of LUA.

If you are interested in helping add me on discord Syntax#7024

Bump!!, Texture Designers(Photoshop) also needed!!

Still in need of both!! <3

Could still use some developers/graphic designers!!

Looking for car skinners, and developers.

Hola, tengo conocimiento en la creación de servidores RP, modificacion de scripts, soy programador, manejo SQL Server, MySql, MariaDB, Node.js, JavaScripts, C# y desarrollos web.
Mi Correo es, [[email protected]]
Hello, I have knowledge in RP server creation, script modification, I am a programmer, I manage SQL Server, MySql, MariaDB, Node.js, JavaScripts, C # and web development.
My Email is, [[email protected]]

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Still in need of any Developer, also looking for Vehicle Skinners, or costum LSPD packs made for FiveM.

bump :stuck_out_tongue:

@Coldrhymezz still need it?

@Thekuca Yeah <3


@Coldrhymezz i can be

Still looking, few days away from launch, add me on discord for any work u can do or any position u want. Syntax#7024 @Thekuca whats ur discord, or add me

Still in need of extra developers and vehicle skinners!!

Still looking for developers to assist us.

add me on discord man C.Hudson#0460

Looking for developers, and vehicle skinners!!

Little bump, still looking for developers

Developers needed :slight_smile: