[EU] Looking for a Director, Staff and LEO to launch a server with


Hello! I am a developer that has been putting together an esx server for the past 6 months and I am looking for people from the EU to grow a community around it. I am looking for a second Director and staff members to help me with managing the server and a LEO team so we will be ready to launch the server.

Who am I?

I am a 19 years old developer, that has been working on projects for the past 3 years (mostly on Fiverr) and playing in roleplaying servers for the same amount of time and gathered 1600h in-game. I really like realism, so expect an IRL economy with realistic animations all over the place. Also, I really like attention to detail, so expect a lot of perfectionism from me and my work. I also have a variety of skills. Those are:

  • Retexturing clothing, vehicles, maps, props (basically anything that has a texture on it)
  • A basic coding skill in that allows me to fix bugs, modify and optimize scripts
  • Add any kind of resource on a server. (ex. vehicles, weapons, peds, “EUPs”, scripts etc. )

If you would like to add me, here is my discord: Gigavat02#0001

What I am looking for in to a Director?

I am looking for someone mature, charismatic and social, that has experience in growing communities, managing departments and who preferably has some close friends that play FiveM. The server is going to be for EU members, so he/she has to be from the EU. Also, being active daily is a must and he/she has to help with arranging events, helping with bringing active members and advertising. So basically anything that has to do with the community side of things.

What does my server include

Server Base

The server’s framework is a heavily modified version of es_extended infinity and for our inventory we are using (one of the best in my opinion) the linden_inventory. It is weight based and has things like weapons durability, components and bullets as items. This is beneficial, because there won’t be any problems with disappearing weapons, duplication glitches etc. Also, every aspect of the server has been optimized so even players with toaster computers will be able to play without losing textures etc.

General Resources

The server has all the amenities you would expect from any server. There are player customization shops (barber, tatoo, clothes and mask shops). Convenient stores that sell snacks and drinks, liquor stores to buy booze, ammunition stores for weapons, bullets, armor and components, bike rentals for people that don’t have a car since the npc vehicles are locked. There is also a car dealership that in order to buy a vehicle, you must own a drivers license from the driving school.

There are also illegal activities. Particularly, robberies on convenience and liquor stores, on the Fleeca banks, the Pacific Standard and the Vangelico jewelry. Players can also collect, process (with a small mini game in a secret location) and sell weed and cocaine.

It also has 5 different non-whitelisted jobs and 3 whitelisted jobs. The LSPD, SAMS and Mechanic. Of course, more can be added.

The server also has map add-ons like the Cayo Perico Island and the Diamond Casino, which both of them are enabled with code, thus players don’t need to download the maps and they don’t affect client and server performance.

Premium Resources

All of the premium resources on the server are paid and none of them are leaked. Here is a list of them:

  • Loaf Housing - Buy and furnish your own house.
  • K4MB1 Shells - Custom shells for houses
  • Loaf Garages - Public and privately owned garages.
  • Loaf Realtor Job - Allows players to contact the real estate agent and buy any house on the map and select a custom shell for it.
  • Loaf Motels - Allow players to rent motel rooms from motels all around San Andreas.
  • Aquiver Casino Bundle - 3 Card Poker and Roulette just like in GTA Online
  • Gabz Interiors - Custom MRPD and Pillbox Hospital.
  • ThinLineSanctuary EUP - We have a custom EUP for LSPD that we are using and one for BCSO that we aren’t using since we only have LSPD available.
  • ThinLineSanctuary Livery - The LSPD vehicles have the LSPD Livery equiped
  • Ripples Vehicle Pack - LSPD has access to the Valor pack from Ripple with the ThinLineSanctuary liveries applied to them.

And other minor resources…

Police Related Resources

  • Uniforms - We have bought the LSPD Multi-Pack from the ThinLineSanctuary. The officers don’t need to go to a clothes shop or customize their character through vMenu. All of the uniforms are accessible from the locker room.
  • MDT with alerts - The MDT system (preview) doesn’t require players to make an account and write their information. All of the data that the MDT is using is right from the Database. Officers can look up names, license plates, make reports and a lot more. Also, all 911 calls are managed from there and there are also automated calls for any robbery and ones that are made by NPC for speeding, melee, shooting, vehicle theft and when a player is down.
  • Vehicle Systems - There is a lighting system with sounds (preview), a police radar and plate reader (preview).

Of course there’s a lot of more things in the server, but those are just a few of the more important ones in my opinion.

Map Preview

Here is how the in-game map look like right now: preview

Join the Team!

Join our discord here: Infinity Roleplay

â €

I haven’t made any of the resources! I have taken already existing ones, modified them to fit the server’s needs and optimized them where it was needed


We’ve all been there, finding an EU server with serious roleplay is hard. Well not anymore!

Join our small but growing community and be one of the first to enjoy a server thats run by EU people for EU people. No more having to stay up late to get the best RP experience and finally a staff thats around when u need them.

Join and Shape the Community
At the moment we are filling up the discord, creating a community and making sure we hit the right number for the city to launch. This way we can guarantee the city will be an enjoyable experience and that it’s filled with interesting characters.

Law Enforcement: Looking for action and want to keep the streets safe from those filthy criminals? Apply for The Los Santos Police Department and make sure our city is a save haven.

San Andreas Medical Services Got a nack for saving lives on the daily? As EMS expect to have lots of interactions with the community which makes you one of the pillars of our community.

Join our discord now, we are eager to welcome you and your characters into our community!

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