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Euphoric City RP

Interested in joining and checking out all we have to offer?

Euphoric City Roleplay is a whitelisted FiveM server that focuses on quality roleplay and listening to community feedback. We maintain an active staff team and community, all of which work together to provide the best and most up-to-date FiveM server out there.

Our Team

Our team has various people from all different walks of life, allowing us to come together and create something bigger than ourselves and something that we believe welcomes people of all different creeds.

Our Community

Our community is one of the friendliest and most welcoming you will ever meet! Scared to get involved in a new server? No need to worry, someone will always be willing to help and show you the ropes! We like to show appreciation to our community by listening to them and implementing new features that they have asked for.

Whitelisted Jobs

We offer various jobs which require a small application to join, in order to ensure they are conducted at the highest level possible, these include:

  • :police_car: Police Department
  • :ambulance: Emergency Medical Services
  • :balance_scale: Department of Justice
  • :globe_with_meridians: Weazel (you can check out the YouTube here)
  • :house_with_garden: Real Estate

Player-Owned Businesses

We offer many player-owned businesses, as well as the chance to create your own from absolute scratch, only costing in-game money that you have earnt throughout your time in the city! If you wish to work for one of these, simply ask a manager or an owner of the business in the city!

  • :hamburger: Burger Shot
  • :wrench: Tuner Shop
  • :red_car: PDM
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Various Mechanics
  • :large_blue_diamond: Diamond Casino

And more to find out in city!

Civilian Jobs

We offer many civilian jobs that anyone can sign into can do in their free time for some cash on the side! These allow you to explore the city and are often a good first step for anybody new to the city!

  • :wastebasket: Garbage Truck Job (Clean up the city with your friends!)
  • :deer: Enhanced Hunting (Hunt animals throughout Los Santos and sell the pelts for money!)
  • :fishing_pole_and_fish: Enhanced Fishing (Armed with a rod and some bait, catch various different types of fish!)
  • :package: Trucking (Deliver packages to houses throughout the city!)

Illegal Jobs

We offer many illegal jobs, with our new and custom-made criminal reputation system, allowing criminals to work their way up in the criminal underworld and unlock various things as their reputation increases. At the absolute basic level, this includes store and house robberies, but as you gain a name in the city, this expands to so much more that you must find out in the city!

Custom Scripts

On top of all of this, we have made almost 95% of our scripts from absolute scratch, as well as offering various elements not seen before in any other city!

  • Custom clothing & hair
  • Custom MLOs (All paid for & Up to date!)
  • Custom crafting system

Check out our social media platforms:


The server officially releases on the 29th of October 2021! Come be a part of something that’ll be great, and be one of the first people to join a new, fully fleshed out city!


So excited to see everyone in city :eyes:


Staff are dedicated to making a great city/community, cant wait to see what the city has to offer!


Only one more day before release! Join now and be there from the beginning of what we hope will be one of the best FiveM servers around!


We had an AMAZING first day, so many people, so many friendships already formed! I can’t wait to see how the server progresses. Make sure you be a part of it from the beginning and join us!

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It’s been so great so far. Can’t wait to see how this continues.


Can’t wait for what’s in store over Christmas! :partying_face:


Good Morning Euphoric City! Hope everyone is rested and ready for 1.1. Below you will find the patch notes for our first major update!

1.1 Patch Notes (17/12/2021) - 6pm (GMT)

:building_construction: New MLOs
- Pizzaria
- Casino
- Park Ranger Station
- Removed Taco Shop (due to conflicting issues with Impound Lot)

:hospital: Pharmacy

  • EMS can now craft legal drugs

:baggage_claim: New Backpacks

  • 9 different backpacks for both male and female peds

:dna: DNA

  • Police can now DNA swab others

:iphone: Phone

  • New calculator app
  • Slight anon app rework, you can now add/remove members and rep will be given to all members from certain tasks.
  • Manage group for jobs now works

:skull: Unconscious Knockouts

  • When knocked out by being punched and by melee you now become unconscious for 60 secs

:male_detective: Criminal Underworld

  • 3 new heists
  • Something special
  • Chopshop buff
  • Ability to check availability of heists (based on if area has been hit or enough PD on duty)
  • Improved drug system

:briefcase: Jobs

  • You can now have multiple jobs (max 3 for non PD and ems)

:gem: Casino

  • Luckywheel
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • and More

:walking_man: Walks

  • 14 new walk styles

:oncoming_automobile: Impound System

  • Strike system, when vehicles are impounded due to criminal use it will gain 1 point.

:parking: Garage

  • General optimisation
  • Vehicle will now spawn in the parking space you are standing in

:christmas_tree: Christmas Update

  • Receive a present if you find the correct Christmas tree

Remember 1.1 will be released at 6pm (GMT) and the server will be down from 5pm (GMT)


We’re always up and eager for more players! Come check us out if you want the best experience around - we’re getting closer and closer to hitting that player cap!

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New Website: https://euphoriccityrp.com/

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I love this community. With 2.0 around the corner, We have so many amazing things in store! Can’t wait to see what’s coming! :heart_eyes:


Super excited to get back in the city with 2.0 just around the corner!

Can’t wait to see and experience all the new things. But the thing I’m excited the most for is all the new memories that it will bring! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hyped to check out all the new stuff the team has been working and make so some new friends along the way :star_struck:


One of the best cities out there, and not only because it has a very good staff, there is a amazing community already, and I look forward to see what 2.0 will bring us, because the new stuff is amazing :heart_eyes:


Can’t wait for a 2.0 with a fresh character, had too much fun in 1.0.

Hope to see ya’ll in the city, ya lovely bastards <3

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It’s been over a month since our Community Meeting announcing Euphoric City’s new direction.

We pride ourselves on being a server where the community is at the forefront of our decisions and major changes. So when we decided to Whitelist our city entirely it was great to hear all of the positive responses, opinions and suggestions.

We have been working hard to implement these changes and we’re about 70% where we would like to be before we officially launch Euphoric City 2.0.

  • :underage: 18+ Only: Going forward we will be requiring members to be 18 and over.

  • :art: Rebrand: We have had a completely new rebrand, new logo, new colours, the lot! We hope you love it as much as we do!

  • :computer: New Website: We have switched to a forum-based website. This is so we can move away from Discord as an in-character base (emails, announcements, business portals, statuses, etc.) and everything of that nature will be moved to this platform.

  • :technologist: Major City Optimisations: This has made the city run SO much smoother, even after we go live this is a heavy focus of ours that will be ongoing and regularly updated.

  • :money_with_wings: Economy Change: Our economy was and will always remain within a realistic scope. We have rearranged the way it works for 2.0 so the flow of the economy has more direct links to city jobs.

  • :hammer_and_wrench: Crafting System: We have a shiny new crafting system that promotes roleplay, different and new interactions between players and offers new opportunities for player partnerships.

  • :office_worker: Civilian Jobs: We have a host of new civilian-focused jobs for people to explore, these jobs are also interlinked with other city jobs and businesses and are essential for the city economy and growth to progress.

  • :red_car: Import Cars: As per community request, we listened to your feedback and have now added imports!

  • :iphone: New Phone: The new phone boasts some new really cool apps and is fully customisable. You can change the background, take pictures in-game and send those pictures to other players.

  • :desktop_computer: MDT: PD, EMS and DOJ are receiving a new MDT with various features to help them do their job smoothly.

  • :hospital: EMS: There is a new system in place for diagnosing, giving and receiving treatment, ongoing treatment and a pharmaceutical and prescription service that has been implemented. There is also new equipment for Medical Professionals to use.

  • :fire_engine: Fire Department: We have made a fire department that will work in tandem with EMS, vehicles and all.

There’s a lot that we haven’t mentioned, purely because we can’t give absolutely everything away.

If you’d like to check out what we’ve been working on, we’d love for you to hop in the city when 2.0 launches. Our current ETA is sometime in mid-August. We’ll keep you posted when we have an official date.

In the meantime, you can register and send in your whitelist application on the website (don’t forget to sign up as your character) to stay updated. Don’t forget to join the Discord either, there you may even be able to see some visual teasers and join in the Community Meetings.

See you soon,
The ECRP Team.


Can’t wait for 2.0 guys! I’m super proud of the team and all they’ve done to get 2.0 ready thus far. There’s been a lot really cool things added to make this a fun place to RP.


So excited to see everyone in 2.0! Can’t wait to make new friends and see how everyones stories grow!


LETS GO TEAM :smiley: